Caldicot & Wentlooge Levels Internal Drainage Board
Protecting Lives, Land & Property on the Gwent Levels
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Welcome to the website of the Caldicot and Wentlooge Internal Drainage Board, our offices are located near Newport in South Wales. The Board is responsible for the Water Level Management of the Gwent Levels, an area of land between Chepstow and Cardiff,
south of the M4 motorway and bordered by the Severn Estuary. This site contains useful information for landowners, residents and stakeholders within the Board's area and the public in general. Please navigate our site to find out more...

What does the IDB do?
The CWLIDB is responsible for the day to day management of the drainage system on the Gwent Levels where valuable agricultural, commercial and residential land would otherwise be flooded on an annual basis. The work of the Board is also essential to maintaining the nationally important ecological and archaeological interest of the area.

Selective removal of invasive weeds (Floating Pennywort) - Drenewdd Reen, Marshfield

Over many years CWLIDB has built up and developed a professional team of dedicated people with the knowledge and expertise to deliver effective Water Level Management, whilst allowing the natural environment to flourish. The Board is also able to offer its expertise and equipment on a commercial basis, to the benefit of all ratepayers.

Board plant flail mowing a reen on the Levels
Conservation Policy
The environmental importance of the operational area of the CWLIDB has long been recognised. Large areas are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Board has always managed its operations to minimise any adverse environmental impact. It has a long history of working with conservation bodies and organisations in pursuit of this aim.

Cleansed Reen showing organic material on the banks

Water Level Management Plan
A Water Level Management Plan provides a means by which the water level requirements for a range of land management practices are achieved. The interests of agriculture, conservation and commercial enterprises are all taken into account. Consistent Water Level Management over hundreds of years has resulted in the creation of the SSSI areas on the Levels.

Vital tidal flap outfall to the Estuary (Windmill Reen - Redwick)