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Quality - ISO 14001

Caldicot and Wentlooge Levels IDB are now certified to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The IDB became a registered organisation to the standard of ISO 14001 for provision of services for Water Level Management, Flood Risk Management and Maintenance of Watercourses in July 2013.

Annually, external Auditors will spend time at the Board's premises assessing the Board's Environmental Management System and practical implementation of it to check continual compliance to the standard. To date audits have been very successful after having found no non-conformances at our first audits.

ISO 14001 is the International Standard which specifies the requirement for an environmental management system. The successful implementation of ISO 14001 demonstrates the Board's innovative and forward thinking approach to its stakeholders. The system looks at what the Board does to manage any impacts it has on the environment that are caused as a result of its activities and services throughout the Gwent Levels. The Board is constantly monitoring environmental performance and seeking methods of reducing any impacts by addressing environmental issues and ensuring a clear commitment to compliance with relevant environmental legislation.

Some of the measures that have currently been put in place include:

  • Mobile Wash Bay
    Figure 1 - Mobile Wash Bay
    Mobile Wash Bay used to wash vehicles and plant to avoid spreading of invasive species, 5000l tank gets emptied on regular basis

  • Septic Tank
    Figure 2 - Septic Tank
    New Septic Tank installed by IDB's Construction Team this was installed to replacement of an old one that was at risk of leaking

  • Material Bays
    Figure 3 - Material Bays
    Re-organized yard with separate bays for different materials this ensures waste materials are stored correctly and avoid any potential contamination or pollution incidents

  • Spill Kits & Invasive Species

    Figure 4 - Spill Kits & Invasive Species
    Environmental and Ecology Training to all staff this includes using spill kits on water to ensure most efficient control of any unforeseen accidents, and species awareness to monitor non-native invasive species

Implementation of the management system is resulting in a reduction in waste and consumption of resources, improved operational efficiency and reduced operating costs. We believe that this achievement clearly demonstrates that our organisation is committed to managing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and activities.

Please click on the link below to download our Environmental Policy. The document will open in the same window. Download: Environmental Policy (Adobe PDF - 76KB)


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